Design & Build Review: Issue 9
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Design & Build Review: Issue 9

12 Apr 2013

In this issue: In the latest issue of Design & Build Review we explore how good design can emphasise authenticity and reflect local influences, boutique brand hotels, stunning leisure and cultural centres in cities around the world and much more

Design & Build Review: Issue 9

Design & Build Review | Issue 9 | April 2013

Discerning travellers are increasingly avoiding generic hotels for city breaks, instead opting for unique accommodation that reflects local culture and character. In the latest issue of Design & Build Review explore the concept of location-specific design and look at hotels daring to break the mould, both inside and out.

We look behind the burgeoning trend of the ‘brand’ hotels that exploit the design and ethos of an established brand to create an exclusive destination hotel. We also look at new designs for stunning leisure and cultural centres in cities around the world, and find out how designers build interactive spaces with immersive design.

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In this issue

Breaking the Mould
Global hotel chains are keen to create interiors that reflect local influences. We ask how design can emphasise authenticity without compromising on international customers’ expectations.
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Signature Style
Ten years ago, boutique brand hotels were rarities – now they’re ubiquitous around the world. Design & Build Review takes a look at popular brands branching out into hotels.
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Welcome to Wonderland
A spectacular leisure resort is emerging from an abandoned quarry in China. We take a look at the design and construction of Shanghai Shimao Wonderland, which is due to open in late 2014.
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Blue Planet
Northern Europe’s largest aquarium opened its doors to the public in March 2013. We take a look at the design of the Blue Planet in Copenhagen, which is set to become one of Denmark’s most popular tourist attractions.
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A Whole New World
Technological advancements have led to innovative designers incorporating immersive, interactive spaces into their designs. We explore the world of immersive design, and ask will reality ever be the same again?
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Next issue preview

As construction of One World Trade Centre nears completion, we ask the developers about the processes behind building one of the most symbolic structures in history.

We also explore the regenerative potential of construction and renovation in Rio de Janeiro ahead of the 2016 Olympic Games.
Moreover, we investigate fire safety standards for residential buildings and profile high-tech fire-resistant materials, take a look at the complex landscape of labour relations in the UK construction industry, and explore a new demolition process developed in Japan as a cleaner, more economic alternative to explosives.

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