• High Concept

    ARB Bank Headquarters senior designer Aybars Asci explains his radical design LEAF Award-winning concept.

  • Child's Play?

    Environmental psychologists believe that children as young as two can have distinct aesthetic preferences. Eve Kushner talks to Susanne Hofmann, Julien de Smedt and Erik Schotte about the challenges of...

  • The Guggenheim Effect

    The celebrated Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Bilbao Museum is ten years old. Damian Arnold spoke to the museum director Juan Ignacio Vidarte about the 'Guggenheim effect'.

  • Here is the Forecast

    While the outlook remains good for the commercial building sector, new house building doesn't look so bright in 2008. Graham Anderson reports.

  • LEAF 2007 – Building a Practice

    'A sense of place' was one of the overriding themes in a round table discussion on the second day of LEAF 2007. What does it take to build an architectural...

  • LEAF 2007: The Sustainability Debate

    Since its inception five years ago, LEAF has paid particular attention to the sustainability debate. It was appropriate, therefore, that the first round-table discussion at the 2007 event should centre...

  • Rail Renaissance

    London's St Pancras International has spectacularly reinvigorated rail travel. Christopher Kanal takes an exclusive look at the station, ahead of its public opening on 14 November.


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