• Heathrow T5 – Worth the Wait?

    It took 20 years to plan and design, and 20,000 people to build – but was Heathrow's T5 worth waiting for? Damian Arnold paid a visit to the recently completed...

  • A tour of terminal five

    Project architect Mike Davies gives Design Build Network a tour around Heathrow's recently completed T5.

  • High Concept

    ARB Bank Headquarters senior designer Aybars Asci explains his radical design LEAF Award-winning concept.

  • Child's Play?

    Environmental psychologists believe that children as young as two can have distinct aesthetic preferences. Eve Kushner talks to Susanne Hofmann, Julien de Smedt and Erik Schotte about the challenges of...

  • Faster, Higher, Stronger

    Fuelled by bottomless budgets, Beijing and Dubai are two developing cities with pretentions to world city status. Mark O'Flaherty checks out the competition.

  • Mario Botta – Philosopher Architect

    Since designing his first house at age 16, Mario Botta has been a controversial and paradoxical figure. Christopher Kanal asks him whether his ethical architecture seeks to inspire modern society...

  • New World Order

    Japanese architects are currently enjoying an unprecedented renaissance. Christopher Kanal looks at the implications for designers in the West.

  • The sky’s the limit

    Beijing has taken airport design to another level. Damian Arnold speaks to project architect Brian Timonney.


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