• High Expectations

    Taking some of his own recent projects as a starting point, MAKE's Ken Shuttleworth led a fascinating discussion on the subject of high-rise building design, covering everything from sustainability to...

  • Conflict Resolution

    Collaboration may be the buzzword of the day, but many are simply paying lip service to the new thinking. Gensler's Stephen Andrews urges architects to consign conflict to the history...

  • Dynamic Change Drives Development

    From demographic change to data transfer, we live in an age of great upheaval. Gensler's Stephen Andrews looks at how major social and cultural changes are shaping the latest trends...

  • Living for the City

    Though often accused of utopianism, the tenets of new urbanism are rooted in principles of community and historical precedent. Henry Shaw traces the evolution of the movement and assesses its...

  • On the Road to Recovery

    With signs of growth in the global construction industry and greater international cooperation on major developments, future prospects are looking brighter, writes Jim Banks.

  • Runaway Inflation

    Fluoro Polymer ETFE is having a major impact on the use of membranes in architecture, and ETFE cushions inflated with low air pressure are being used in major projects worldwide,...

  • Taking the Long View

    Construction and design are showing signs of life in Europe and the USA, with further improvement expected in 2005. While in Asia business is booming thanks to strong economic growth.


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