• Closer Ties Mean Better Buildings

    In the last 20 years the design and construction industries have changed the way they work together. The clear dividing lines between the engineer and the architect have become less...

  • Dietmar Feichtinger – Strictly Elegant

    Dietmar Feichtinger is the architect of the 37th bridge across the River Seine in Paris. Robert Such looks at how his work marries material transparency and structural efficiency. Whether designing...

  • Building for the Future

    SMC Alsop MD Colin Gilmore-Merchant applauds the positive dialogue begun at LEAF 2005. He urges the architectural community to continue the debate, particularly on issues such as sustainability.

  • Energy Boost

    Energy-efficient buildings should be a top priority, but the prevailing mood among stakeholders is one of caution. Gensler's Stephen Andrews bemoans the lack of urgency and calls for initiatives that...

  • Safety First

    As the terrorist threat looms ever larger, security features are becoming increasingly stringent. This is particularly true of buildings such as the new Home Office headquarters and the MI6 building....

  • Gert Wingårdh – Natural Habitats

    Since 1988, Gert Wingårdh has divided opinion with his bold designs, often incorporating elements of the landscape. Robert Such meets an architect whose buildings give users a natural high.

  • New Dimensions in Modelling

    Chris Mugan reports how 3D modelling is increasingly being used to ensure coordinated planning and information sharing.

  • Things of Beauty

    The unfashionable concept of beauty is gradually being rehabilitated in architectural circles. This is thanks to the efforts of philosopher Alain de Botton. He tells LEAF Review's Kerstin Zumstein why...

  • Urban Visions

    Judging by some of the recent flagship projects in Europe's major cities, urban architectural design remains vibrant. However quality building must precede eye-catching design, warns Nicola Leonardi, publisher of The...

  • High Risk, High Reward

    Rampant corruption, political instability and labyrinthine administrative procedures are all red flags for investors. However, the sheer growth potential of construction markets in Central and Eastern Europe may be too...


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