• Safety First

    As the terrorist threat looms ever larger, security features are becoming increasingly stringent. This is particularly true of buildings such as the new Home Office headquarters and the MI6 building....

  • Gert Wingårdh – Natural Habitats

    Since 1988, Gert Wingårdh has divided opinion with his bold designs, often incorporating elements of the landscape. Robert Such meets an architect whose buildings give users a natural high.

  • New Dimensions in Modelling

    Chris Mugan reports how 3D modelling is increasingly being used to ensure coordinated planning and information sharing.

  • Things of Beauty

    The unfashionable concept of beauty is gradually being rehabilitated in architectural circles. This is thanks to the efforts of philosopher Alain de Botton. He tells LEAF Review's Kerstin Zumstein why...

  • Ian Mulcahey – Gensler Masterplanner

    Ian Mulcahey has worked on masterplans for 20 years and pulls no punches when it comes to expressing his opinions. He speaks to Damian Arnold about his views on the...

  • Ken Shuttleworth – Quick on the Draw

    Ken Shuttleworth's London-based practice - Make - has enjoyed meteoric growth since starting two and a half years ago. He speaks to Damian Arnold about his company's role in current...

  • On the Green Horizon

    Robert Such speaks to inventors, engineers and designers about eco-friendly buildings, innovative microgen projects and the devices of future design: technologies that promise to one day go mainstream.

  • Sustainable Design

    Sustainability is having an ever-increasing affect on the design industry. Clive Webb of Capita Percy Thomas talks to Chris Mugan about his company's standards regarding environmental issues.


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