NCC to build PensionDanmark office building in Copenhagen
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NCC to build PensionDanmark office building in Copenhagen

18 Aug 2021 (Last Updated August 18th, 2021 12:34)

The office building has been designed by PLH Arkitekter and its construction is due to be completed by 2023.

NCC to build PensionDanmark office building in Copenhagen
Illustration of PensionDanmark’s new office building. Credit: PLH Architects / NCC.

Danish labour-market pension fund PensionDanmark has hired Swedish construction company NCC for an office building at the Marmormolen wharf in Copenhagen for almost Skr400m ($45.95m).

Construction of the 13,000m² office building will start in the third quarter of this year and is expected to be completed by 2023.

NCC will serve as turnkey contractor for the project, which has been designed by PLH Arkitekter.

Rambøll and Act-Ing are acting as PensionDanmark’s consultants.

NCC project manager Ole Møller Petersen said: “We look forward to starting this exciting building, which has a fantastic location and features a number of attractive architectural details.

“The project will be carried out through a highly constructive collaboration between the developer, consultants and NCC.

“The result will be an office building that maintains a high level of quality in terms of layout, choice of materials, sustainability and indoor climate.”

The office will comprise about 550 permanent workplaces, a meeting centre and a canteen with room for around 240 people.

It will also feature a parking basement, bicycle parking and shop premises on the ground floor.

The building will be located on the pier in the former freeport, where the labour market pension company is in the process of building a headquarters for Danish logistics firm DFDS.

PensionDanmark senior vice-president Marius Møller said: “The construction of this office building marks the completion of the Marmormolen area, which will respond well to PensionDanmark’s property investment ideals.

“We are creating a vibrant, attractive business district in central Copenhagen, with beautiful surroundings and a focus on sustainability.

“This will enable us to offer a range of fantastic workplaces and a sound investment for our members’ pension savings.”

Last May, NCC was contracted by Sweden-based properties developer Fabege to build an office building next to the Arenastaden in Solna.

The Skr750m ($78.42m) contract covered the construction of an office building to serve as TietoEVRY’s new Swedish office.