Foster + Partners submits plans for Maggie’s Centre in Manchester

12 February 2014 (Last Updated February 12th, 2014 18:30)

Foster + Partners has sought planning permission for its newly designed Maggie's Cancer Centre in Manchester, UK.

Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners has sought planning permission for its newly designed Maggie’s Cancer Centre in Manchester, UK.

Located at The Christie hospital in south Manchester, the planned timber-framed structure will offering a non-clinical environment where people affected by cancer can receive advice and support.

Maggie chief executive Laura Lee said: "The application for planning permission brings us one step closer to the centre becoming a reality and being able to offer the highest quality cancer support to the people of the North West."

The centre is scheduled to be opened in 2016 and will incorporate a light-weight timber and glass pavilion, while slender timber beams and a timber lattice will be used to support the roof and assist in partitioning spaces.

The natural timber structure features wooden surfaces and tactile fabrics arranged over a single storey, while the surrounding Dan Pearson-designed flower garden offers clusters of flowers and soothing water features.

Foster + Partners founder and chairman Lord Norman Foster said that the centre will have a variety of spaces; visitors can gather around a big kitchen table, find a peaceful place to think or they can work with their hands in the greenhouse.

"Throughout, there is a focus on natural light and contact with the gardens," Foster said.

"The timber frame, with its planted lattice helps to dissolve the architecture into the surrounding greenery."

In addition, deep canopies will protect the centre’s open terraces from rain, while also allowing the free flow of air from the gardens into the building.

Image: Maggie’s Cancer Centre designed by Foster + Partners is scheduled to be opened in 2016. Photo: courtesy of Foster + Partners.