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Vinci to design and build two waste recycling centres

27 Oct 2011 (Last Updated October 27th, 2011 18:30)

Vinci Environment UK has won two contracts worth €380m to design and build two waste treatment facilities in Hertfordshire and North Yorkshire.

Vinci Environment UK has been chosen to design and build two waste treatment facilities, worth a total of €380m, in Hertfordshire and North Yorkshire, UK.

The first contract was awarded by Veolia Environmental Services to design and build a waste treatment centre in Hertfordshire, which will recycle 10% of incoming waste and burn the remainder to produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of 50,000 homes.

Construction on the project will start in late 2013 and the facility is expected to be operational in spring 2016.

The other contract has been awarded by AmeyCespa to a joint venture between Vinci Environment UK and Vinci Construction UK to design and build an energy recovery centre in North Yorkshire.

The contract also includes overall site development and civil engineering for the buildings of a future multi-stream waste recovery park that will serve North Yorkshire and the city of York.

The project works are due to start in autumn 2012, with entry into service scheduled for late 2015.