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Media House, Copenhagen

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation's new media building is home to Denmark's national television and radio news organis



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Danish Broadcasting Corporation

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s new media building is home to Denmark’s national television and radio news organisation. The building accommodates media and programme directors and their staff, production facilities, archives, a research centre, and the journalism and entertainment departments, including all union organisations, film processing, garages and a support centre.

The diversity of function has been crucial in developing the design of the news building. The driving concept is that of a ‘dynamic building’. This is expressed in the final project in both the flexibility of its structure and interactivity of its use, both internally and with respect to the public at large.

This concept of dynamism can be seen in all facets of the building. The large, transparent façade opens the news building towards the urban space, allowing direct views into the enormous atrium embracing the whole building over several floors, creating a connection between the organic, curved balcony, the central news studio and the building’s internal street.

The interior design ranges from open office landscapes to various individual rooms for project teams with smaller cellular offices and quiet rooms.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainable technologies and building solutions are integrated in the overall design strategy. The building demonstrates how environmental consciousness contributes technically as well as aesthetically to the overall architectural expression.

The extensive use of glass on the façades and roof makes it possible to take advantage of daylight and reduce the use of artificial lighting. The increased demands for indoor climate regulation prompted much of the current research at the company, thanks to support from the EU. This resulted in a completely new indoor climate concept combining groundwater cooling, a double façade system, natural ventilation and incorporation of solar cells in the roof construction.

The integration of energy-saving solutions in the architecture resulted in the building receiving the Solar Prize from the City of Copenhagen.

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