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MobileLifeCampus, Wolfsberg

The central idea behind the MobileLifeCampus project design is an encircling, crossed-over and apparently neverending ba


Wolfsberg AG

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The central idea behind the MobileLifeCampus project design is an encircling, crossed-over and apparently neverending band. Cast in concrete, it picks out the tectonics of the buildings as a central theme. It is the constructed transformation of a matrix, the translation into concrete form of the idea to generate knowledge in rooms that are formed by overlays and intersections.


The campus has a five-cornered atrium that rises over four floors, formed on each level by a triangular area of floor truncating a basic square shape and to which all paths lead.

The position of these triangular areas rotates sequentially storey by storey relative to the centre of the atrium and they are connected to the floor below by a similarly sequentially displaced staircase.

The atrium has a glass roof which reaches a ridge height of 26.25m. From the entrance area the floor on the ground floor level falls away in long, full-width steps towards the large auditorium, whilst the areas at each side remain at the entrance floor level.

The 100m² seminar rooms are grouped in a seemingly informal way around the atrium and project outwards in some places at different heights into the vertical open space of the atrium.


The building can be accessed from the agora by way of the main entrance into the atrium, as well as through the northern secondary entrance. There is also a way in from the garden courtyard in the northeast up an open staircase.

The mandatory stairwells are provided in five evenly distributed cores, which on the upper storeys are located on the inner sides of the parallelogram-shaped wall slabs. The bottom flight of stairs in the open air is designed as an open stairway under the projecting ground floor soffit.

“The atrium has a glass roof which reaches a ridge height of 26.25m.”

The atrium contains the elevator groups, each group having two elevators. A freight elevator is found in the northern segment of the building. Gallery walkways provide further links around the atrium on the upper storeys. The open staircases on the triangular areas are used in particular as direct routes between adjacent floors. Single-way escape corridors connect the two eastern wings.


A large auditorium provides seating for approximately 400 in parallel rows. This room can be divided internally into sections by folding walls, and a similar wall separates it from the hall, allowing large events to be held in the atrium. The auditorium also connects to the adjoining garden courtyard.

The main reception in the atrium is conceived as a circular counter. In the northern band there are three shop units, storage areas, the secondary entrance with the freight elevator and the delivery hall with a number of adjoining ancillary rooms. The southern band contains shops, the building services plant rooms and locker rooms.

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