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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London, UK

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is constructing a new 61,000-seat stadium in London in place of their existing White Hart Lane Stadium.

Project Type

Multi-use stadium


Tottenham, London


Tottenham Hotspur F.C.




Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is constructing a new 61,000-seat stadium in London in place of their existing White Hart Lane Stadium. Designed by Populous, the new stadium is expected to be opened in August 2018, in time to host the 2018/2019 football season.

The multi-use stadium will boast a fully-retractable pitch that will have a synthetic grass surface underneath, which will enable the hosting of National Football League (NFL) games and other events with greater flexibility and less time for ground preparation.

The stadium and its surrounding areas are being redeveloped as part of the Northumberland Development Project (NDP).

The NDP scheme involves the construction of a new stadium for the Tottenham Hotspurs along with the construction of new homes, a supermarket, primary school, Public Square and Tottenham University Technical College (UTC) and new club administration buildings. It is intended to generate employment opportunities, leisure options, better housing, developing transport facilities and positioning Tottenham as a tourist destination.

Tottenham Hotspur stadium design

The new stadium will display an asymmetrical design focused on the southern home-end. The design gives a sculpted appearance that swaddles and envelopes the stadium up till the home end, where a single-tier home stand is formed by a curved glass facade.

The new design for the homestand will now cater to 17,000 spectators making it the biggest single-tier stand in the UK.

Merging with the structure will be a lightweight cable-net roof covering the seating bowl that offers magnificent view of different formats of football and the NFL.

An impressive and dramatic door opening onto the High Road has been designed to blend the stadium with the city by forming a connection with the new Public Square. A similar entrance has been planned for the East Stand that will open on to the Worcester Avenue, forming the Sky Lounge.

Facilities at the new stadium

The new stadium will host “The Tottenham Experience” on a new terrace on the High Road that will also include a visitors centre, arrival hub, cinema, club store, ticket office and café.

As part of the Tottenham Experience, the club will fuse modern architecture with the past by housing a museum in the grade-two listed Warmington House. The museum will be a symbol of the club’s journey and the heritage of the area.

The home-end of the stadium will be home to a new five-storey atrium that will provide fans with space to meet and support their team. The club also has plans for a conference hall and banqueting facilities.

The club plans to improve crowd management on match days by widening the pavement along the High Road, which is just 2m-wide, and also removing three buildings.

Sustainable features of the new stadium

The construction of the stadium and its related structures will focus on energy and resource conservation by utilising approximately 75% of demolition material for building work. The stadium can be plugged into the planned future District Energy (DE) network.

The stadium and its lightweight cable-net roof have been designed to lower the overall energy consumption during construction.

The club will devise a plan to encourage visitors to use public transport for promoting green travel. As part of this effort, two new shuttle bus services will also be introduced and operated by the club.

A controlled parking zone scheme will be implemented on match days to discourage car use and better manage crowds.

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