City Central Tower 1, Adelaide

The scheme is the first five-star Green-Star-certified project in South Australia, recognising 'Australian Excellence'.

Caversham Property Developments Pty Ltd
Start Date
November 2004
Completion Date
February 2007
Estimated Investment

The scheme is the first five-star Green-Star-certified project in South Australia, recognising ‘Australian Excellence’. Awarded five stars in April 2006, it is also the largest Green Star development to date with more than 30,000m² of NLA over 21 storeys. The project showcases the most extensive application of passive chilled beam technology in Australia, a first for a speculative office building in the country.

The design team set out to achieve a minimum of five stars under the GBCA’s rating system. The site planning aimed to maximise passive outcomes – core located to the west, low E glazing to the north and south and the atrium located to the east reducing heat loads.


These features, combined with the use of chilled beam technology, underpinned the five-star GBCA process. The reduced floor-to-floor height required for chilled beams leads to a reduction in building height of approximately 10m, resulting in substantial material reductions and construction efficiencies.

Tower 1 seeks to address ‘sick building syndrome’ – ventilation rates are 100% greater than the Australian standard. 100% of air supply is fresh, outside air. Also, the carpets, adhesives, sealants and composite wood products have been selected to minimise off-gassing. In addition, removal of indoor pollutants from printing and photocopy areas is managed through a dedicated tenant exhaust riser.

Tower 1 achieves a reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to approximately 50% over existing building stock.


Tower 1 includes AAAA-rated WCs, waterless urinals and taps with a flow restrictor achieving 2l/min. Separate water meters are fixed on major uses and linked to the BMS for leak detection, and the cooling tower designed for six cycles of concentration.

“Tower 1 seeks to address ‘sick building syndrome’.”

It is a speculative building with over 30% of the NLA delivered as shell-and-core for subsequent fitout: structural steel has a recycled post consumer content of 80%.

Provision is made for segregation facilities for recycling office waste within tenancies.

Tower 1 uses refrigerants and thermal insulation with Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of zero. The project represents a careful balance of commercial, environmental and social concerns. The Green Star Office Design tool is a model and measure of its success. The aesthetics of sustainability can be discreet.

The City Central Tower 1 office building was awarded a special commendation by the LEAF 2007 judges.

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