Ground broken on Queens Quay waterfront renovation project in Toronto, Canada
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Ground broken on Queens Quay waterfront renovation project in Toronto, Canada

18 Nov 2012

Waterfront Toronto in Canada along with partners has broken ground on the $110m transformation of Queens Quay.

Queens Quay waterfront renovation project in Canada

Waterfront Toronto, along with government partners, has broken ground on the $110m transformation of Queens Quay in Toronto, Canada.

The project will see the 1.7km stretch from west of Lower Spadina Avenue to east of Bay Street completely rebuilt, transforming the area both above and below ground.

The transformation of the waterfront will be carried out as per the design provided by West 8+ DTAH in 2006. Eastern Construction will manage the construction works in three phases.

Under the first phase, Eastern Construction will upgrade all major utilities, build new storm and sanitary sewers, and demolish and rebuild the TTC corridor and tracks.

In the second phase, which is scheduled to start in the summer of 2013, the construction firm will build a new roadway and granite curbs, as well as sidewalks on the north side including tree planting and finishes.

The third phase of the project will see the construction of a granite pedestrian promenade and the new Martin Goodman Trail.

Under the project, a new two-way streetcar corridor will be built on the south side while traffic on the north side will become single lane.

Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, said that the Queens Quay revitalisation project builds on the transformation that continues to improve Toronto’s waterfront.

"The Harper Government is pleased to have contributed to this significant project, which will enhance the economic vibrancy of the area and create jobs and growth," Flaherty said.

Major works are anticipated to be completed in early 2014, while the tree planting on the south side will be done at a similar time in 2015.

Waterfront Toronto was created by the Governments of Canada and Ontario and the City of Toronto to oversee and lead the project.

Image: Queens Quay revitalisation in Canada features granite pedestrian promenade and new Martin Goodman Trail. Photo: Waterfront Toronto.