Simon Fraser University plans $65m building

21 February 2012 (Last Updated February 21st, 2012 18:30)

Simon Fraser University (SFU) has unveiled a proposal to build a $65m student union building on the university's Burnaby campus in British Columbia, Canada.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) has unveiled a proposal to build a $65m student union building on the university’s Burnaby campus in British Columbia, Canada.

The project would add 100,000ft² of student space and a net area (excluding spaces like hallways and walkways) of 70,000ft², with room for clubs and other social spaces.

Simon Fraser Student Society president Jeff McCann said the campus population has doubled since 1989 and there isn’t enough space for students.

"Right now student space is in terrible, terrible disarray on campus," McCann said.

McCann noted that the university dance club practices in the cafeteria and music clubs meet in hallways.

A 2,500-seat outdoor stadium is planned to be built as part of the expansion plan, out of which 500 seats will be covered. The university plans to use the arena for sports, concerts and other events. The stadium will be built in the Lorne Davies Complex at the south end of the Terry Fox Field.

SFU is also planning to build a lounge space, individual study areas, meeting rooms and recreational facilities.

The expansion has been under consideration since 2006 to accommodate the growing student population, the university said.

The proposed student union building would be built on the site of the SFU swimming pool after looking at the architectural renderings of the project.

In order to finalise the plan, SFU will put the proposal to an online referendum for undergraduate students from 20-22 March 2012.

The university has set up an orientation room for students, showing architectural plans, including 3-D video renderings by Endall Elliot architects and a large 3-D model showing the location of the proposed development.

If the project is approved it is expected to be open by 2017.