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The Amazing Artlantis!

República 55 – Respect for the past with an eye to the future

Name / type of project: República 55 / Residential project

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Name of design firm(s): Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos; 3D images and Promotional Film developed by ND-3D

Real estate developer: EMGI Investment Group

Size (square metres / feet): approximately 2,500m² square meters / 27,000ft².

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, ND-3D has been active in the real estate market since 1998. The firm’s 3D image and film services enable clients to enjoy the best virtual communication experience the real estate market can offer. The team is well-known by Artlantis users worldwide for their amazing architectural renderings and animations.

Thanks to Artlantis and Artlantis Render Farm, the 18-unit residential building, República 55, was brought to life well before construction began.

Please, enjoy this video!