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CENTRIA Introduces Two New IW Series Panel Profiles

CENTRIA has introduced two new IW Series panel profiles: IW-12A and IW-15A. The unique characteristics of each panel allow for more design options. These new IW Series panels may be used interchangeably with any of the additional ten IW Series panel choices.

“Architects and contractors alike will appreciate these new panels whether for new or retrofit installations,” said Tom Zombek, product manager for CENTRIA Profiled Products. “They’re designed for all-weather installation, which allows for fast-track scheduling, and while they’re aesthetically pleasing on their own, their interchangeable weather-resistant lock-joint design allows architects to mix and match panel profiles throughout a design.”

Adding to the flexibility of design, the panels can be installed either vertically or horizontally, they come in either smooth or embossed surface textures and are available in CENTRIA’s full palette of colors.

The IW Profile Series panels are also an excellent exterior wall panel choice for a wide variety of insulated wall assemblies.

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