Building for High-Corrosive Environments Webinar - Verdict Designbuild
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Building for High-Corrosive Environments Webinar


Corrosion – caused by humidity, sea air, chemicals, fertilizers, road salt and more – significantly increases maintenance costs and shortens the lifespan of industrial buildings. But a new generation of tension-fabric-covered structures are changing that, particularly those constructed with a rigid steel frame design.

You will learn:

  • The causes of different corrosion types and how each impacts industrial buildings
  • The different methods of pretreating steel as a means to discourage corrosion and the pros and cons of each
  • Why rigid steel frame structures for fabric buildings are superior to truss frames, particularly for corrosion prevention
  • The long-term costs of ownership of different industrial buildings when accounting for corrosion prevention and maintenance, design time, construction time, energy use and more

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