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Wrightstyle Launches New Range of Specialist Fire-Resistant Glasses

One of the UK’s leading steel glazing system companies has launched its own comprehensive range of fully tested and certified fire resistant glass. This significant development in the market means that there’s now a specialist glass supplier that understands both the glass element as well as appropriate framing systems.

That combination of development, testing and installation expertise in the total system package means that Wrightstyle is uniquely placed to also offer glass-only advice and supply.

The company, whose core business is the supply of complete steel glazing systems, is making its range of cost-efficient fire-resistant glass available as a separate product range to both its UK and international customers.

“This significant corporate development is aimed at meeting evolving customer demand for more choice, faster turnaround and flexibility in supply,” said Simon Bennett, the company’s international sales and marketing director. “While we are well-known internationally for the supply of total systems, we recognise that some customers may only want to purchase the fire-glass element and, following a review of our business, we are now pleased to meet that market demand,” he said.

Wrightstyle will continue to provide its UK and international customer base with total glass and framing solutions across the full range of fire, ballistic and blast applications, while now adding a stand-alone range of integrity only and integrity and insulation glass that can be used in approved framing systems. The range of glass covers applications from 30 minutes integrity to 120 minutes integrity and insulation.

Integrity-only glasses (WSL G30 or G60) can be supplied in 6mm thicknesses for either 30 or 60 minute applications, or in sealed double-glazed units. In either case, solar control or low-E glass can be incorporated, adding flexibility and aesthetics to the safety characteristics.

The WSL-F range of integrity and insulation glass, covers the full range of specifications, from 30 to 120 minutes, and can be glazed into a variety of approved steel or timber framing systems, in both vertical or roof glazed applications. In addition, WSL F-glass can be supplied with low E or solar control glass as an integral part of the unit.

“Wrightsyle Ltd, which has traditionally restricted glass supply to its customers as part of a complete systems package, is now making its product range available to the general market, where the glass can be used in approved systems other than our own,” said Simon Bennett. “Not only are fire regulations becoming more stringent across most developed and developing countries, but they differ markedly across jurisdictions. The time is therefore right for us to recognise that diversity of customer requirements and to extend our product range – offering both our system expertise, and our long-term experience in fire-resistant and other specialist glass types.”

Backing up the company’s range of fire-resistant glass is the certified WSL-BL explosive protection range, in thicknesses from 17mm to 103mm, giving unrivalled and fully tested performance against all forms of explosion, from small devices to car or lorry bombs. This highly-advanced glass is designed as a primary protection system against blast – providing ultimate security to high-risk buildings.

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