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SEFAR at London Design Festival

London Design Festival

The London Design Festival is the largest of its kind in the world and therefore a benchmark indicator for leading architects, corporations, partners and sponsors.

Visitors to Size + Matter at Southbank Centre Square, one of five focal points at the London Design Festival 2011, appeared to be both excited and fascinated by architect David Chipperfield’s installation Two Lines.

For their latest contribution to this temporary installation, David Chipperfield Architects chose SEFAR Architecture VISION. The finishing on this technical architecture fabric using aluminium and copper coatings gives the installation a new and extraordinary symbiosis in form and perception.

The Two Lines concept by David Chipperfield Architects
Two Lines is a dialog between two identical forms which differ from one another only in their orientation and the metal finish of the SEFAR Architecture VISION Fabric. The forms consist of a series of unframed glass panels with translucent, metal-coated fabric inserts and colour corresponding steel connections.

The concept of Two Lines is to focus on the interplay of the orthogonal forms with simple vertical elements. The fabric inserts emphasize the strong material-like quality of the glass surfaces and lend the installation panels a translucent and at the same time reflective appearance. To the observer, the result is a multitude of different visual impressions both inside and outside the installation.

Design – Art as a valuable transfer of ideas

The artistic application of SEFAR Architecture VISION is regarded as an exciting area for the architectonic possibilities of this technical fabric. By taking part in the London Design Festival, Sefar was given the opportunity to present this new architectural material to an international public motivated by creativity and new vision.

The complexity of the solution

This challenging project required the involvement of a range of respected specialists. As manufacturer of the laminated Sentry Glass interlayer, DuPont produced the optimum correlation of fabric and glass as a result of extensive research and comprehensive testing.

Finishing and the technically sophisticated lamination process for this special architecture fabric was undertaken by Glas Trösch AG, BGT Bischoff Glastechnik AG and INGLAS GmbH & Co. KG as accredited glass processors.

Arup Engineers was responsible for the constructive planning of the installation and, within the framework of this project, they recognized the practically limitless possibilities for SEFAR Architecture VISION. As a result of this intensive period of collaboration, new projects featuring SEFAR Architecture VISION are already being planned and implemented.

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