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Big Order to Alimak Hek in Australia

Alimak Hek has received an order from D&G Hoist & Crane Hire in Australia for a total of 50 hoists from the Alimak Scando 650 range. The order comprises of a range of models and capacities, including ten cages of the new high speed (non-counterweight) Alimak Scando 650 FC-S.

The Alimak Scando 650 FC-S 31/39 model has a capacity of 3,100kg with up to 4.6m cage length, non-counterweighted, with speeds of up to 100m/min. It can be erected in single or twin cage configurations. The first deliveries will begin in May 2008, and the total order will be completed by December 2009.

Managing director of D&G Hoist & Crane Hire, Mr Gino DeCesare, said: “We have always had a long standing relationship with Alimak Hek and this investment certainly strengthens that relationship.

The efficiencies gained from standardising the equipment across one supplier, lowering maintenance costs by reducing breakdowns and improving the fleet age, and increasing utilisation by offering our customers the most reliable and technically advanced hoists were all important points in our decision to go with Alimak.

We look forward to introducing the new hoist range into our fleet. Purchasing the Alimak products is in line with D&G Hoist & Cranes policy of only buying quality, world renowned products which maintain high residual values in the years to come”.

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