Dehumidified Air Ensures Quality Hormone Packaging for Orion Pharmaceuticals - Verdict Designbuild
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Dehumidified Air Ensures Quality Hormone Packaging for Orion Pharmaceuticals

Production of hormone medication involves packing into foil blister packs. The process also includes cooling, and therefore entails very cold machine surfaces. This precision production demands a high indoor air quality with the objective to prevent problems with condensation during the different manufacturing stages of the blister packing and to ensure the high quality stability of the products in the future.

To achieve the quality air solution, two Munters ML1,350 dehumidifiers were installed, placed in an engineering and utilities space directly above the production packaging facility. A portion of the incoming air is fed through the ML1,350 dehumidifiers and the system uses no recycled air. The temperature and humidity levels are controlled fully, and after cooling added to the dry air ducts uses the existing cold water supply, coupled with cooling coils added to individual the dehumidifiers.

Pekka Järvinen, from Orion’s Turku plant in Finland, said, “Munters dehumidifiers have met our expectations and production conditions and have remained great regardless of the time of year or weather. The dehumidifiers have ensured we have a controlled and stable indoor climate.”

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