Ausdrain 1.5Ml Rainwater Harvesting Tank Installed at Marsden Park - Verdict Designbuild
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Ausdrain 1.5Ml Rainwater Harvesting Tank Installed at Marsden Park

In 2018, a 1.5 million litre (Ml) Ausdrain EnviroModule2 Rainwater Tank was installed under the newly constructed Marsden Park Playing Fields.

Ausdrain was selected and approved by Blacktown City Council for this project to provide a plentiful supply of reticulated water for irrigation of the sports fields.

The tank measures 24.0m x 48.0m x 1.35m and consists of 14,240 Ausdrain EnviroModules capable of withstanding a trafficable live load up to 20kPa over the surface of the tank for maintenance vehicles.

The tank was surrounded in a 2mm HDPE Liner, which was fabricated on-site to guarantee a 100% watertight system.

Ausdrain’s Flushmax system was incorporated within the tank structure to provide an access point for long-term inspection, flushing and maintenance of the tank.

Ausdrain managing director Gerard Jorna said: “For many years councils and consultants have asked ‘how can modular underground tanks be accessed for cleaning?’

“The Flushmax System is an industry first in Australia, providing an innovative and cost-effective solution to the inspection and maintenance of Ausdrain EnviroModule Tanks.”

Ausdrain Tanks offer a cost-effective and environmental alternative for underground rainwater harvesting tanks.

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